Can I bring my own clay or do I need to purchase it from Higher Fire?

We like students and members to purchase clay from us to ensure that ONLY cone 10 stoneware clays are fired in our kilns. You may use your own clay in our studio only after it’s been discussed with your instructor (or the owner) and its temperature rating verified. Clay not purchased in our studio is subject to a standard firing fee of $24 (per 25lb bag) to cover firings and glaze materials.

I am a production potter – can I become a member work in your studio?

Unfortunately, we are not setup to accommodate production artists within our membership plan. Our studio is setup for members who are looking for a place to work several times a week for several hours at a time.

Is there a limit on how many pieces I can make each month as a member?

No. Your firing costs are included in the price of the clay. No measuring cubic inches in our studio! A typical 25 lb bag of clay costs $32-$45/bag and includes firing and use of our glaze materials; make as many pieces as you can – fire them all. One caveat: over-sized pieces (more than 18 inches in any direction) may be subject to additional firing fees.

FAQs – General Studio

Can I just work for a few hours, on a walk-in basis?

No. Please drop in for a tour and inquire about membership & classes. We also offer private lessons (starting at $45/hour – membership required) and one-time, Take A Spin Mini Pottery Workshops .

Do you have pottery that I can paint and have fired?

We are not a paint-your-own pottery studio, but we do offer membership and classes for in wheel-throwing and hand-building for anyone interested in working with clay – so you can learn how to make things from scratch!